Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurricane Hannah

Well, we have been here a little over a year (since May 10th ,2007 to be exact) and the word on the street is-are you ready for the hurricane? Well, I am not. I guess with all the people asking, maybe I need to be ready. I think if there was to be an evacuation we would have a place to go. Aaron has old family friends who live in Raliegh. They say everything should be okay in Raliegh.
If we don't have to evacuate, I suppose I'll take the word of more experienced folks and go get some water and batteries.
We have a gazebo that we tethered to the house in case of windy conditions, and so far it has held up pretty well. However, I am not quite certain that it can stand up to 75 mile winds.

I just hope a house doesn't fall on me and my red striped socks.

Check back with us for all the neat and not so neat details. Wish us luck. And God, if you do blow us away, please blow us back to San Diego.

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